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Botox is an injectable neurotoxin-based medication that delivers safe and effective results. It is the most popular cosmetic injectable in the world, and is used in more than 96 countries. 

This neurotoxin works by temporarily impeding normal movement in targeted muscles. While Botox® is commonly associated with cosmetic procedures and reducing the presence of fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance, it also offers multiple therapeutic benefits. Because Botox blocks nerve signals to the muscles, it supports relaxation and the relief of tension.

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What Can It Treat?

  • Bruxism (clenching and grinding)
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder
  • Chronic migraines and headaches
  • Other types of pain in the head and neck
  • A gummy smile
  • Wrinkles around the mouth
  • Wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes (i.e. crows feet, frowning lines)
  • Creases in the upper and lower lip area, helping to elevate the corners of the mouth

Results last around four months, at which time you can decide if you’d like to extend your results with another round of treatments.

How Botox Helps

tmj disorder

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) is a condition affecting the joints that connect your jawbone to your skull. It can cause considerable pain and have a negative impact on your ability to eat or sleep normally.

Botox injections can play a role in treating TMJ by altering the movement of the muscles supporting your jaw. Injections can improve teeth grinding, lock jaw, and overall jaw tension. These changes can reduce jaw pain and headaches brought on by TMJ by:

  • Alleviating the discomfort of headaches and migraines
  • Relieving painful TMJ symptoms related to clenching and grinding the teeth
  • Decreasing head and neck muscle tension

Administered in small therapeutic doses into the affected areas, Botox produces a statistically significant reduction of pain and improved function. As therapeutic benefits last several months, we may recommend periodic injections to maintain optimal results and the ongoing relief of symptoms.

Safe and Effective

We are experts

Whether used in cosmetic or treatment applications, Botox is both safe and effective. These treatments are backed by more than 15 years of clinical studies.

It’s important to note, however, that the safety and efficacy of Botox depends on getting your treatment from a trained medical or dental professional with a comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy and neurological function.

Never seek any injectable treatment from a questionable source, and be wary of highly discounted “treatments.” Botox is only manufactured in one facility; there is no generic formulation available.

Is Botox Painful?

your comfort is our priority

We can administer a local anesthetic prior to the treatment for patients with pain sensitivity to ensure you are comfortable throughout the injection process. Treatment with Botox is quick and effective, with minimal downtime after the procedure. Therapeutic doses of Botox typically last three to four months, but some patients may continue to notice the positive effects of treatment for longer than that. If you’d like to learn more about what Botox can do for you, call to schedule an appointment.

An Easy Recovery


Patients generally return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure, however following the post-procedure guidelines will dramatically reduce the length and intensity of the recovery period.  Patients should avoid engaging in heavy physical exercise, applying cosmetics, or laying down flat for a minimum of 2 hours after the injections.  It is also advisable to avoid rubbing or massaging the injected area for at least 24 hours.  

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